1895Genzo Shimadzu manufacturers Japan's first
lead-acid storage battery
1908First use of the "GS" trademark
1912 Storage battery plant (Shin-machi,lmadegawa) built
1917Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. Established
1919Production of automotive batteries begins
1920Genzo Shimadzu invents "reactive lead oxides production method"
1966Siam GS Battery established
1993Prismatic Lithium-ion batteries developed
2002GS Battery (China) Co., Ltd. Established, traction battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China
1913Founder Shichizaemon Yuasa begins research into metal electrolysisy
1915Yuasa Battery Manufacturing established; production starts on storage batteries
1918 Yuasa Storage Battery Co., Ltd. Established
1963Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Pub. Co., Ltd. established
1996Guangdong Yuasa Sunny Batteries established
1998Ultra-thin lithium-ion polymer secondary battery launched
2002Yuasa Battery (Shunde) Co., Ltd. established automotive battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China, A company managing business operations across Europe: Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. established
2004 GS Yuasa Corporation established
2004GS Yuasa Corporation established
2006GS Yuasa Lithium Power Inc. established, the first overseas Lithium-ion battery affiliate
2007 Lithium Energy Japan Established with Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
2008GS Yuasa Siam Industry Ltd. and GS Yuasa Siam Sales Ltd. Established
2014GS Yuasa Asia Technical Center Ltd. (Thailand) established
2015 Announcement of quality policy in Quality Management System Project (ISO 9001: 2015) and Occupational health policy announcement and safety (ISO 45001)
2018GS Yuasa Siam Industries Ltd. has been certified Thai labor standards. (TLS 8001-2010)  which is regarded as an award recognizing a business organization with social responsibility in labor.
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